Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tractor Flashcards

I realize now and then that Marek is SO far behind. I feel badly. But the child doesn't want to sit down and learn colors or numbers or letters or shapes. He is interested in taking things apart, hooking up tractors, and playing with things that have wheels. While Ardyn knew all these "basics" and could count in english and spanish by 17 months, Marek is 2.5 and knows pretty much nothing.

I had an epiphany today that perhaps I could make these things appeal to him, by making the colors into flashcards, the color of tractors. I found a free coloring page printable and colored thr tractors basic colors and printed them out. Then I cut them apart, laminated them, and punched holes in them in the corner, and attach them together with a zip tie (they can't get these apart, unlike a binder clip or shower curtain ring.)

He is napping now but I plan to pack them into his backpack that we take with when we leave the house, in hopes that we can pass some time learning colors and things.

Poor kiddo.
I don't claim these as my own, but in case they might help someone...

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CACHANILLA73 said...

You know, my son was like that. I felt terrible because he wasn't in a hurry to learn like my girls did. I bought flashing cards, coloring books with his favorite cartoon, but He was only interested on cars and Speed Racer... I was so anxious when he started kindergarten and for the first 2 weeks I had a meeting with his teacher every single day. I felt I was a bad Mama I even sent my husband to pick Him up because I couldn't see the teacher eye to eye... She told me every child matures at a different time and since He was the baby in the house it was normal but once He picked it up, He would be fine.... Now He is in First grade and He is doing very good. He is an advance reader and he does his math on his own. So I'll tell You what Mrs. Wavra told me... Once He gets it He will be fine.... ;)

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