Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cooped up

It's almost Friday! Which generally means nothing to me. Except that I don't have to take anyone to school, dance, or MOPS. So, yay me!

Today the kids were mostly little monsters. Marek has just still been stuffy and snotty and coughing here and there and I think that he is really feeling the terrible two's sometimes, and he stops talking and proceeds to endlessly whine and talk in a foreign language. Now he could be Belgian (kidding!!! kidding!!!) But I think that he is actually just not feeling tip top and when that happens a whole lot of everything goes down for him. Ardyn for some reason has spent a couple of days just plain DISOBEYING or DISAGREEING at/in every single situation that is presented to her. Normal I suppose, but exhausting just the same.

Today she got her finger caught in a mouse trap at Grandma and Grandpa's, specifically by disobeying. I didn't even feel badly for her, because it was so blatantly disobedient that I figured she learned her lesson. She wasn't injured, just scared, shocked, embarassed... you name it. And I know it hurt some too. She later told me "I thought it was just something made of wood but then I saw PEANUT BUTTER...." I had to laugh at that. That is completely a child's logic. But mom, there was PEANUT BUTTER. Kudos to Grandpa Dave who can trap anything under the age of 10 with his own very favorite food. I saw it as soon as we walked into the house.

The story was that she had to go potty while we were measuring the dog house that we will be converting to the chicken coop. So I sent her into the house, with strict instructions to go potty and come RIGHT. BACK. So, time passes. I measure the doghouse, I go back into mom and dad's and she comes running out of the living room. I say "What are you doing, did you go potty?" and I can see by the look on her face that she had been caught red handed doing SOMETHING and that she had not gone potty at all. I said "You had better go now before you pee your pants!" and she said "Mom I was just looking for that little tea set so I could play it..." and I knew right away that she was looking for the tiny china tea set that I had bought at the Amish Furniture store earlier in the week. I had brought it to moms and that's where I opened it and let her play tea party with the bunnies. It was funny because she apparently thought it was grandma's and that It was at grandma's house and she was searching for it in the living room. So, off she went to potty, and came right back, and we left. Then we were at GREAT grandpa's outside and when we left there she said "I left my ring at Grandma Deb's!! It's in the bathroom" so we went BACK to grandma deb's (right next door, don't panic) and we went in together and I saw the mouse trap. I said "go up and get your ring and come right back" and I went to the basement and heard her come back down. She called for me and I said "Stay RIGHT THERE (at the top of the steps) and I will be up in one second." I heard "Okay Mom." and then I said "RIGHT. THERE. Ardyn" and two seconds later I heard a scream and I knew right away what she had done. I just knew it. Silly girl. Well, now she knows what a real mouse trap is. We use sticky boards at home because of the kids and the dog. Well, and because I can't set a mouse trap :) and I don't want to have to empty and salvage a mouse trap.

After the mouse trap debacle, we took turns sitting in Grandpa Dave's tractor (the 1086) and then we went to Princeton so that we could pick up our book order and take Ardyn to dance. Marek and I got a lot done during dance, picking up the book order and then dropping school pics off to Great Grandma, and also going to a few stores in search of some graph paper. After dance we came home and I cleaned out the chick's brooder.

I can't believe how much they have grown in the two days we have had them! It's amazing. Their little heads are now peeking over the edges of the baby pool and today one jumped up on the edge of the pool when I was cleaning it out. Tomorrow Evan will bring home the stock tank to put them in as they are now able to escape. Hopefully they just stay put tonight, I think they will because they will just sleep under the light. I am also impressed with how much they have eaten and drank in 24 hours. A decent amount! They really are growing. They now have wings! I know that sounds silly, but when born they are just all fluffy and soft and now their fluff is starting to come out and their wing feathers are all coming in. It's quite impressive. Pretty soon they will go through their "ugly duckling" phase, so I am trying to enjoy the soft fluffy chicks while I still can. I don't know how I will wait until they are all soft and fully feathered. Buffs are really full and fluffy birds, and are classified as a heavy bird, weighing about 8 pounds. And they are good for cold climates and lay eggs year round. This is what a grown Buff Orpington looks like :)

Tonight I went to mom and dad's and drew out the plans for the chicken coop conversion and for the run. There were a few compromises that I had to make, which I realized after the measurements that I took this afternoon, but overall I LOVE the design and am super excited about it. It took some convincing for dad (which I am sure is not over) because to him, of course, the dog house is "just find how it is" and really doesn't need much of anything. I, however, Can't wait to tear off the boring vinyl siding and paint it barn red, and add a green steel roof, and the external nest box and a sliding coop door, and barn doors for cleanout. Yep. When I showed dad my drawings he was surprised, but I think we are at least on the same page now and he has stopped telling me to just set the house on cinder blocks and "voila." (although dad has probably never said Voila in his life)

I am in bed... but should totally go get those drawings and take a picture of them to show you. *sigh*

Can we please wait till tomorrow? No? okay, fine... hang on....

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