Monday, October 05, 2009


The clock is ticking. Marek is asleep, lunch (late lunch) is in the oven, and chicken sausage Gumbo is in the crock pot for supper. The house is picked up. The Dishwasher repairman has been here and told me that he needs to order 5 parts and will be back next Monday. I have just sat down with a hot cup of tea and a slice of banana bread to write a post. I don't like the pressure that I feel to rush into blogging or else be interrupted.

Ardyn cracks me up because she just tasted my (pink lemonade green) tea. Then she started pacing around the room saying "I tried mommy's tea, it was HOT! Tasty. Tasty. Tasty. Tasty Tea." LOL. The things that come out of her mouth are hilarious. Just a bit ago she saw a sign I have (halloween decorations) That has a witch hat and shoes and says "I have flying monkeys, don't make me use them" and she said "A Witch Hat, and Witch Shoes. Mommy, where's the witch go?" And I said "I'm the witch Ardyn!" and she looked at me very seriously and her eyes got all wide. Then I gave her a wicked witch laugh and she laughed back, and then ran into her room and found the lifesize witch that we put on her wall for Halloween (she is not afraid of anything like that, amazingly) and said "Mommy! I found her! I found the witch! She has witch shoes for walking in the rainforest!" (Diego.)

In the past week she has stopped calling me Mommy so much, and officially refers to me as "Mamma." This cracks me up and I find it very fitting. Especially since in the green/cloth diapering community, we mom's call each other "Mamma" all the time.

Earlier today she gave me my first very official heart attack. She was playing in her room and I was about 20 feet from her, just around the corner, printing out a postage label for a package that needed to get in today's mail. I heard her start crying and looked around the corner to find her STANDING on the window ledge, with her hands clinging to the open window (above) and leaning into the screen. Oh. God. I didn't know if I should kill her or hug her. Thankfully she was safe, and she was scared shitless, because she was so hysterical she had snot pouring out of her nose. I put her right in time out and sat in front of her and VERY Sternly and seriously told her that was very DANGEROUS and that she could have been badly hurt. I made her tell me that she was sorry and promise that she would NEVER do that again. We discussed that if she wanted something up high she needed to ASK MOM FOR HELP and then I took the offending bat window clings from MIL off the windows, and allowed her to stick them on her TV Screen and remove them and move them around at will. Once I asked her why she was climbing, she told me that she wanted to get the bats down, and then I said "Will you ever do that again?" and she told me no, that it was scary! LOL. Kids. Now I want to buy screen guards to put on all the windows. It's not second story, but we have a higher foundation so the windows are about chin height from the ground. (our chin, not hers!) Jeez.

In other news, yesterday was a productive day. We made popcorn balls (well, I did, Ardyn watched and commented, and helped pop the popcorn) and then we did a bit of a "trick or treat" in which we left the treat for some friends. We had been tricked and treated on Saturday while I was at the Spoon River Scenic Drive with my mom, and so we had to spread the fun. Here is a pic of the treats:

I am thinking that I would like to make banana bread and also make some cookies today, but seriously, I think that whie it would be fun, I know that afterwards I won't have the energy to clean up the mess that baking will make, when I already made breakfast, lunch, and supper dishes that I had to clean up.... so I think that won't really happen today.

Tomorrow is story hour at the library and I am not sure if we will be going. I am feeling that being home is nice, after running all weekend. Marek and I even spent most of last Friday home cleaning and organizing while Ardyn was at school.

I just fed Ardyn lunch and put her down for a nap. Now the clock is REALLY ticking because when Marek wakes up there is a good chance it could wake her up early when I have to walk through her room to get him! Darn.

It is a beautiful fall day, a bit cool, but very sunny and clear skies. I thought we would play outside, but both kids are tired and fighting "sort-of" colds (stuffiness, sleepy, etc.) and so I think that letting them sleep is an okay thing. We did open windows today (hence Ardyn's escapade) but their hands and feet get cold, so I have shut a few and closed them to just let some fresh air in and not as much of a breeze.

I recently got a Gaiam Yoga for Kids DVD that I am hoping that Ardyn can do everyday together this winter. Actually I got the boxed set of two DVD's, because it was highly rated at amazon and because it was amazingly priced... .and then I happened to run into it at Target and knew it was meant to be (I had already had it in my amazon cart and ho-hummed and not ordered it yet.) Before the kids I used to LOVE to do Yoga. I have a huge selection of DVD's and did lots of yoga when dealing with the stress of infertility, and even some while pregnant with Ardyn. I have a card deck of yoga poses that I used to keep in my office at work and whenever I would be stressed or need a break I would close my door and do a few. It's something that I hope will be fun, entertaining, and burn some stored up energy off for us both. I would LOVE to get her a kids indoor trampoline too. They make them for toddlers that have a handle to hold onto and they fold flat for storage. I can see it being fun and also burning off energy, and although I know there *is* always that possibility that she could get hurt, I think that it is just the same possibility that she could get hurt on a little trampoline as it is on the slide or a big piece of play equipment at the park. I really like the Jumpolenes that are for two kids, and have walls on the sides, and double as a ball pit. They inflate, the price isn't terrible (Under $100) and the only downside is that they are just BIGGER than any open space we have... even if I emptied the front porch it would take up about half of it, which isn't really cool for mom. AND I don't think she could get in or out by herself because of the walls....

The trampoline is nice, but I do foresee issues when Marek is old enough and they can't use it together, so I am unsure. I have found them online for $59 with free shipping, and have debated. I think it will be something that I will want before winter is over, and I have been tempted to call it a Christmas present. Because the jumpolene doubles as a ball pit and more than one child can play at once, and it has the sides, it's a bonus.... But then I found a toddler jumpolene with see through sides, a crawl through door, and it's smaller at 72" in diameter. And I am seriously tempted.

Well, naptime is over, and Ardyn woke up whiny and has a 101.2 fever that I wasn't expecting. Off to be nurse mommy! Wish me luck that it goes down and stays down!

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