Friday, February 14, 2014

Ardyn's Unikitty Lego Valentine Box

Tonight I finished Ardyn's Unikitty Valentine Box. It is completely made of cardboard and scrapbook paper. The lego "circle" under the horn is the top (lid and a bit below that) of a baby food "puffs" snack container. The 3-D tail is constructed completely of scrapbook paper. The Valentines go in a slot cut into the back of the head and the head is attached to the body with two brads. 

Most of the assembly is hot glue... My husband cut the arch in the bottom
"Body" box and used clear packing tape to put cardboard under the arch. 

I used scrapbook adhesive in the tail construction because it was a fairly intricate process and hot glue wasn't practical as it was too hot and I would have gotten burnt for sure! 

Hope this inspires someone! 

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